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  • Sky reflected in MCT

    This photo shows how beautiful MCT can be as it reflects the blue sky. Solar panels are normally black or darkly colored whereas MCT panels will reflect their surroundings.

  • Telehandler lifts MCT to rooftop

    MCT Panels arrive onsite with no assembly required. In this photo a telehandler is used to lift the pallets of MCT panels directly to rooftop.

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  • Solar Decathlon Showcase

    Chromasun MCT panels installed alongside traditional solar panels in a 'Solar House' showcase. The MCT panels are used to drive a Yazaki 3 USRT chiller for building cooling. They also provide domestic hot water and heating for the building.

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  • MCT Panels for shipping

    MCT Panels are packaged in 'knock down crates'. This image shows a stack of 5 MCT panels at Chromasun's logistic facility ready to be shipped internationally. MCT is designed to pack into standard size shipping containers.